Does UNIZIK Accept Two Sittings For Admission?

Does UNIZIK Accepts Two Sittings For Admission?: Do you want to apply for admission into Nnamdi Azikiwe University and you want to check if UNIZIK accepts two sittings for admission? This is so because Gaining admission into a particular higher institution in Nigeria like UNIZIK requires a lot of information about the school and her admission guidelines or processes.

If you have been following my education guides, You will notice my emphasis on the point that students should endeavor to know all about the university they want to apply for before making any move of taking its application forms.

One of the Important Information you need to know about a particular University is whether or not they accept two sittings. For those that don’t know, Two sittings are the use or Combination of two O-Level Certificate under the same name for admission.

This is very helpful especially for those that are unable to have a minimum of Credit in all the core courses in a particular certificate and had some of the ones they failed in one certificate on the other one.

Does UNIZIK accept Two Sittings For Admission?

YES. Now that we have known that UNIZIK Accept Two Sittings, Can one Combine WAEC Two WAEC Result or Two NECO Result or perhaps a WAEC And NECO results?

Note: To Avoid Misinformation, We can’t guarantee that UNIZIK accepts Two sittings for Medicine or Law (Applicable Only if they Offer Medicine or Law as a Course) and other medical courses as some schools do not accept Two sittings for Medicine and Surgery and some Other medical Courses.

For the full assurance as to whether the Nnamdi Azikiwe University accepts Two sittings for medicine and Surgery, please check JAMB Brochure.

To see the full programs or courses you can study, see the list of Courses offered In UNIZIK here

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